This is a look at the "Theater At Home" system we put together
over the last couple of years.

We now have genuine

Theater seats & usher lights installed

We put this system together based on our strong interest in films and of having a high quality viewing
experience that normally one has when "going out to the show". This is our attempt to recreate that same
level of sound and site in a 26' by 16' space in the lower level of our home.


The screen is a Da-Lite model C suspended from the ceiling. We plan to install sheer black curtains and a valence that will pull in front of the screen to give that complete movie theater look.



Barco Data Graphics 2100 LC multi sync. 1080i ready!

The first equipment to be installed was the audio video rack. This is a heavy 7' tall 19" steel equipment rack that we
mounted all of our video gear in. in the upper part of the rack is a "Direct TV" satellite receiver. Next down is a
Panasonic "theater ready" stereo VHS VCR. Below that is a 14" Tektronix 650-HR, 10" color control room monitor.
At present we are using a Gemini 8 channel line level audio routing mixer for audio source selection
(not bad but plan to upgrade to a Berringer 12 channel professional program broadcast mixer soon).


(Left) Tektronix 650-HR. (Middle) Audio / video equipment rack. (Right) Gemini 8 channel audio source mixer and
Sound Craftsman 250 watt per channel amplifier to power the front & side speakers.

More equipment specifications on page 2

We have a vast catalogue of film & source material in Hi-8, VHS and DVD formats. Genres include Documentary,
UFO Research, Music Video, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Drama, Action Adventure, Comedy, Foreign,
Art and Independent films.


See page 3 for more of the latest.

John S's. and John L's. top 10 picks of the best movies of all time.

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