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Rotoverter project

Latest motor undergoing testing is this 30 H.P.
Baldor 1,750 RPM unit.
I rewired the input for 460 volts and powered
the motor up on 240 volts and got easy starting
with a no load draw of 1.3 amps. on 240 volt.

Below is the GE 60 HP motor I have been testing.

Loosening the bolts on the motor to remove it from the pallet.

Nameplate specifications.
Shaft 2 & 3/8 inches dia.
60 HP motor setup with 3/4 HP "helper motor"
Capacitors wired into circuit
Individual capacitor specs.
(I admit they are a little underrated but they did get us through the primary test)

Download short MPG video clip of motor being started
after having been brought up to speed using a 3/4 HP helper motor:
Video clip 1

Running on 240 volt line source:
Video clip 2

Running on 120 volt line source:
Video clip 2

A second run test on 120 (125 volts) AC
Readings of voltage and amps drawn from 120 volt line
showing 125.2 volts and 4 amps. current in idle mode
(20 Amp. scale)
with 80 Mfd. total capacitance in circuit.

Earlier projects

Heat extraction units (heat pumps)

This Bryant unit is the latest project to be undertaken.
After cleaning converting and testing the unit it will be
moved inside. Yes! Inside for further testing and evaluation.

Unit has now been installed and is undergoing evaluation.
(See photos further down on this page.)

Bryant Packaged 24,000 B.T.U. HVAC unit.

Unit disassembled for cleaning and converting.
(gas burners & ignitor have been removed)

Unit installed in the basement and undergoing testing.
Mounted on top of the unit is a heat enhancing module I designed
which controls the amount of air CFM and acts as an adapter to connect
the 24" condenser fan output into the duct work.

Output air temperature from unit. Dec. 15-09

Outside air temperature at the same time. Dec. 15-09

Below are pictures and info on my first large rebuild project.

The work on these units began in the fall and winter of 2008-2009.

This was an idea that I came up with to heat our home (2,600 Sq. Ft.)
for under $300.00 a month using electricity only. Look Ma, no oil, no gas!

The result is this 18,000 BTU air to air heat pump configured from an older
"Magic Chef" through the wall HVAC unit Mod. # 48HWC18-A 19
The gas valves, controls and heat exchanger have all been
removed from the unit during conversion.

The unit extracts heat from the internal air and cement floor in the basement.
Input temp. is on average 65 F. with an output on the heat side of 85-95 F.

The results have been good with the temp. in the house between a low of 62 F. and a high of 70 F.

Unit disassembled for cleaning.

Condenser, evaporator, compressor.

Attaching control wires.

New custom air outlet panel.

Air outlet panel (front) with temperature
indicator and 8" outlet ports.

Rear side of panel.

Two rebuilt units undergoing first stage
evaluation connected into heating system.

Front of unit (first design).

Two units after initial testing.

Both units running parallel under test.

Unit temp. output test cycle

Unit temp. input test cycle

Duel unit installation

Another unit video