John S's page

I was born in September of 51. I grew up watching TV shows like: "The Outer Limits",  "Twilight Zone" and "One Step Beyond". Shows like these left me with a sense of awe and wonder about the universe we live within. I would often take a stroll out under the stars at night thinking about what could be out there.

I feel that it's important to share with others what the value of good creative and thought provoking television can do. TV can enlighten our young people and offer a degree of insight into a far deeper realm of multidimensional thinking that can serve to advance our culture. Sadly today, television has lost some of it's "glow" and depth of insight. The primary role that TV plays now is as a pacifier for the masses rather than a tool for the advancement of intellect. I'm not against TV as an entertainment device but it has powerful influence over people. Over the last four decades I have seen many of the changes TV has gone through and not many of them have been for the better!

I have many interests in the areas of science and and the arts. One of my primary interests is in the designing and building of large scale pieces of electronic equipment, similar to what you would see in a good sci-fi film. Evidence of some of my work can be found on the
PROJECT S.T.R.A.T. photo page.

I have been featured on national TV programs like: "Looking At Us", "PM Magazine", "Joan Rivers", Turner's, "Searching For UFOs" and many other TV news, interviews etc.
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