This page is as a "gateway" into the early creative years of my life
There are links here to many of the rarer photos dating from the mid 70s to 90s.

This page includes links to a bio & a "special" 3 page letter.
With the acquisition of
a new scanner that has the capability to scan 35 mm negatives.
Many of my older photos are located in files of 35 mm negatives and were not accessible
till now so I have included some of my wilder creations in a category below.

A historical outline of my work along with some pics. Located at the bottom of the
early history page you will find a group of numbers in boxes, these
are photos from the
early days of building the project.

A group of high resolution photos:

A unique ion gun built in the late 80s:

Studio shoots taken at the original house:

Early (LARGE) B & W images:

Newer (lower resolution) photos here:

Another early photo of me with my "sonic gun".


My bio:

The Hertzberg Letters: