Experimental Device to Stop Alien Abduction

This request references reports of alien abductions as reported by Bud Hopkins, David Jacobs and Raymond Fowler. I made a device which may help people abducted by aliens as reported by the above investigators. The device works by blocking alien telepathy and mind control, I call my device a "thought screen helmet." My device consists of a leather helmet lined with layers of special conductive plastic, the same material used to prevent static electricity damage to printed circuit boards. When worn over the head, I believe the device may insulate an abductee from alien telepathic control. Its function is not proven, I realize, but a shield for blocking alien telepathic control is worth trying. To date I have one abductee trying my device. He has not had any memorable alien contact for three months so the device may work. I am still working with this person and hope to confirm its operation. I am trying to get other abductees to try the device to confirm its operation. My "thought screen helmet" cannot be tested in a laboratory. The only way to test it is for an abductee to wear it for a period of time and determine if the telepathic control of aliens is blocked or neutralized. If the "thought screen helmet" works it will minimize alien activity with a person and allow that person to resist aliens. If I cannot verify the function of my current "thought screen helmet" configuration, I plan to test different materials to find one that does work. If your organization can put me in contact with the kind of abductee described by Jacobs and Hopkins who is interested in trying the device, I will mail it to them for free, worldwide. There are no catches. It's available to any serious abductee who wants to test if for free, anywhere in the world. Several size "thought screen helmets" are

I am still offering the thought screen helmet for free for abductees to try. They must provide a phone number.

If your organization can't put me in contact with an abductee, can you post this appeal on the notice section of your website
or in your newsletter?

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Telephone: 425-417-1628
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For more information on alien abductions and evidence that the thought screen helmet works,
see Michael Menkin's new website, http://www.aliensandchildren.org

Thank you.

Michael Menkin